Bangladesh – first impressions

While Bangladeshi bite delicious food, listen to the pleasant voice of the Sultan – 70-year-old retired lawyer of the Supreme Court in Dhaka and the owner of the hotel where I’m staying and dinner. She tells me about his work as a lawyer, a corrupt legal system in the state of small business in the country and finally concluded that her rural part of Bangladesh is wonderful, but cities are disgusting and never would come back in Dhaka (Set in a small hotel near Srimangal, about 200 km from Dhaka). I tend to agree, though I would not exactly use the words “disgusting” and “dirty, chaotic, crowded and horrible,” and they were correct.

City Bangladesh’s more than that – it is a world that deserves to be researched and discovered by everyone for himself. As a representative sample of the city will use Bangladesh Dhaka, the capital of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh – one of the largest cities of South Asia with a population of over 15 million people (or about 43,000 persons per square meter), located on the east bank of the river Buriganga in the delta of the Ganges. Most often the city is associated with two records – number of rickshaws, crawling in the street (about 400 000) and the fact that it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

It is impossible in a text to describe and tell all about Dhaka and urban life in the country, so I will focus on a few places that every traveler and photographer will be pleased to see, touch, smell (very important), filming and felt.

River port of Dhaka (Sadarghat Boat Terminal), located in the southern part of the city, is one of the largest river terminals in the world. It serves daily about 200 large and smaller court, and the people using the service to the same time, about 50 000. While you are in this central point of the city, it will become clear that walk, shoot and eat his sandwich dump on a thick carpet of rubbish. Concrete paths (no rubbish on them) only lead to platforms where mooring bigger boats. All other boats and smaller boats directly into his nose hidden under a thick layer of garbage coast that even in places not visible. “It is important to have an open mind when traveling in Bangladesh,” wrote an anonymous traveler from popular internet blog. I support him completely. When one does not judge, it is not arrogant and is open to everything and everyone can spend a wonderful time in Bangladesh among some of the most smiling and benevolent people you will ever meet.