10 things you should know about Bangladesh

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear Bangladesh? If your knowledge of this country extends to the fact that it is located in Asia, the next 10 facts:

1. Bangladesh is a very small country (only 147,000 square kilometers), but it is home to nearly 160 million people. That’s why I always crowded.

2. The transport system is not working as it should, so be careful – sometimes even endanger your life!

3. People here often live with their parents, regardless of how many years and how much money you earn. Almost all of my friends have a decent job and earn enough money to live on their own, but prefer to live with their parents.

4. Arranged marriages are still a large percentage of all marriages in the country, but most of them proved quite successful.

5. If you need to meet with the bureaucracy in Bangladesh, it would be very bad … very very bad!

6. In the majority of the year is hot and humid. The exception is winter. The rainy season in our country is very long and if you have not seen it, you’ll be amazed how much love the rain.

7. Most of us are poor, but there are impossible wealthy people in our country. So you can buy the best things from all over the world here. But most of us hard earn money, travel hours to get to work, breaking from work all day, then travel several hours to get home.

8. Quite often local people stare at foreigners, they should not bother you.

9. Bangladesh is released from Pakistan in 1971 after 9 months of war and we are all extremely proud of. Do not try to hurt our pride, this will not end well!

10. If you open the option, leave the capital Dhaka and go to the countryside or in any other city. No other place is as crowded Dhaka, so you can enjoy your vacation more. When they hear Bangladesh, most people imagine a poor and overpopulated country, but there is another perspective on things.